Magnesium Found to Treat DEPRESSION Better Than Drugs (Video)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 by

Magnesium supplementation has been found to treat and help eliminate depression in just two weeks, now confirmed by a science study published in PLoS ONE.

Podcast Transcript: “Did you know that magnesium has been scientifically proven to be a safe, affordable and effective alternative to anti-depressant drugs. Thanks for joining me. This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. is the website and is the podcast site. If you really look at the scientific literature you’ll find all kinds of studies supporting the efficacy and safety of natural products including nutrition. In this case it’s magnesium. This study was published in PLoS One, which is really a very popular science journal. It’s a peer review science journal. PLoS stands for “Public Library of Science”. This is one of those journals that does not accept advertising from the drug companies. So, you tend to find a lot more high integrity, reliable studies published in PLoS One. This study involved looking at – I don’t know how many people exactly, you can look it up yourself – a significant number of people who were given magnesium versus placebo. Those who had magnesium showed a remarkable reduction in depression symptoms and markers of depression…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Magnesium found to treat DEPRESSION better than drugs! from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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